What’s important, is to relish everything as it comes without any expectation. If you meet someone whose presence you enjoy, realize they may not stay eternally, but, at the same time, do not get hung up on that. Do not miss out on the experiences you could have with them just because you are afraid of goodbyes.

We are often caught in our own lives, jumping from one destination to another. All individuals in the universe have their way of interacting in the aura while living. You have your interpretations of living. I am sure I am not the only one who believes in interactions and spontaneous relationships. Everyone has experienced different types of interactions where, some of them turned out to be good, while others turned out to be bad, but eventually for a reason. Interactions help you outgrow your personal growth and encourage us to recognize ourselves, who and what we are, and obviously, how we accept ourselves.

I, my whole life had a vast social circle, interactions, and a very diverse community presence, which at first doesn’t seem meaningful. I never had a clear image of why a specific person has entered for a specific period. They came, had their role done, and then left, leaving major influences on my life. No doubt, everyone had their reasons, and some of them had positive and some of them had negative aspects, leaving a mark. I cherish these interactions in my life since they taught me some bitter realities, whilst making me stick to the decisions, I could never have made. When I reflect on those, it feels like my heart is drenched in pain, but my mind tries to overshadow it with the rationality of life. Here are some best examples of some interactions I had that had me stuck on them forever.

One of the closest interactions, made me realize my value. No matter what happened, made me feel beautiful for who I am, not for who I was pretending to be. The factor that made me weaker in the bond was the emotional dependency that was created within me and still, it’s a great challenge for me. Yes, no matter how much you get to have no emotional dependency, you need to. For social interactions, they have been acquired as a major part. You cannot deny it. The scars, stretches, marks, never felt them this beautiful. Made me stand up for myself. Made me stronger in my emotions. Also, not to get scared of raising a point where I am right. Made me feel heard, and driven to do something ambitious. In the process, I developed empathy and it wasn’t a less achievement unlocked. Where a majority does not hold the possession, I did.

It takes a lot to be consistent. Things may always be discomfiting, but you’ll be comfortable about it. People want authenticity. Support comes in many forms. It can be hard to be a good listener. We don’t see ourselves as beautiful as others do. People just need moments. Each connection is a connection that can change lives.

Life is just a roller coaster of emotions, people come and leave, and life doesn’t come twice. For the last 11 years, I have experienced what we called hard times. One on one, I had different events occurring parallel and never thought about how they were shaping me and creating a great impact on me. I, now reflect on those moments, and make me realize that those were hard times, yet they passed with a great deal. Not is it a fact that the best thing about a bad time is that it passes.

Last but not the least, acceptance can play a bigger part in your life journey. This is the hardest lesson to learn and accept. I nearly found out that painfully, people kept their distance or were willing to take advantage and kick me out of their lives when I was not on good terms. Surprisingly, this happened when I thought I could count on them, but others, who are not best known to you will hold you up through it even if it was worst. You never know who will accompany us till the end but personally, this will teach you that you should be grateful for each relationship you had in past or are having in present. The best lesson learned this year until now was, to have your focus on the people who stick around instead of the one who bails out.

Don’t miss out on a conversation or learning experience because you never know if you will see them again. Don’t miss out on a good moment because you are afraid of getting hurt. If you are cautious, chances are good you’ll miss out. When you realize that your fear becoming a barrier to your growth it is time for you to fight against those fears, absorb the taken experience and try to become a better version of yourself. Everyone has a story, including you. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and allow yourself to get hurt sometimes. You never know what will happen until you do.

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    1. I feel so touched by this, beautiful. Its well put and after reading it i can reflect upon my own challenges in life and see whatever connections i have lost, in a positive light, the way these experiences shaped me and made me learn good lessons to cherish for life.

  1. Very well said specially acceptance is really important part of our life journey we learn it late but it’s really really helpful and gives you peace of mind💝

  2. Its a wonderful concept illustrated beautifully.
    Yes, we need to value people around us, we need to cherish moments spent with them, don’t let past ruin your present , and don’t expect alot for future !
    I myself has been struggling alot with my relations, and i wish someday i will understand that there are no forevers, there are certain people in ur life who make your life beautiful for a certain period of time and then they left!

  3. Well said indeed. Most of experience teachs us such great life lessons that helps us to flourish. Keep it up girl ✨. Best Wishes 🌸

  4. This is actually the reality of life, very well explained and helpful like always. PROUD of you Love😇👏
    My brave girl ❤ just be so proud of your scars, they will remind you that how you faced them and youuu have the will to live this life, by the grace of Allah🌟
    You know that I’m here and will always be here for you beautiful 🌏

  5. Very comforting and helped me look at life from a different perspective, very well writen ❤️

  6. Loujain your originality is your beauty trust me if someone leaves you so that’s their loss not yours because you are self motivated person .remember after every storm you comes up with better version that’s your strength keep in Mind.

  7. Simply amazing and an eye opener, to how one see’s his/her life! Relating to you a million levels and more power to you <3. Looking forward to more articles!!

  8. The acceptance part hits too close to home. There are things in your life that are easy to accept but others might find it hard and vice versa. Navigating in a social circle with these kind of differences can be challenging, but taking a middle path is the best. Personally, sometimes if I feel like someone’s draining my energy and being passive aggressive, I leave. These are some decisions we have to make. But we can be nice about it too

  9. Wow! This is just so beautiful. I was reading this and suddenly I got stuck into my part thinking about how I was mad at someone very close and we were in some car and my friend said, “Daim, let’s not think about future and promises, let’s live this moment” i dint care to listen to it but now it reminded me of that time and makes me realize how naive I was and how beautiful these lines are and ofc how wise my friend was too. Beautifully penned down. Loujain thank you for making me read this.

  10. You explained it beautifully 🌺. Life is indeed full of different experiences. We meet countless people with such different personalities and perspectives and in the end, each interaction teaches us a lot.

  11. Life is just a roller coaster of emotions, people come and leave, and life doesn’t come twice. This line 💘 and the acceptance part seriously nicely putting words together to explain everyone. Proud of you

  12. Loujain, I’m amazed with your way with words. This piece of writing is actually something I could connect with on a personal level as well. Looking forward to more such enlightening reads! 🙂

  13. Such a significant aspect of life that goes unwritten often overshadowed by the practical aspects of life has been delivered eloquently. Pleased to read!
    Looking forward to reading more of your content miss Loujain!

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