There is a roller coaster ride of which everyone is aware of, we humans tend to compare our lives with the roller coaster at times which means that there are roads containing bumps and unexpected turns, that may be good or bad, ups and downs. Basically, it goes like this, you are in your prime, the high point on the crazy ride. Abruptly, you’re tossed forward. You are rapidly acquiring speed, flying lower seemingly forever. It’s exciting. It’s alarming. There’s a blend of feelings and sentiments. But what happens is that these negatives balance out positives.
However once in a while, these positive viewpoints can be difficult to come by, particularly when your spirit has endured a huge shot. Maybe you have experienced a divorce, a breakup, a sexual assault, maybe you have been recently fired from your job, or you have lost someone really close to you, by choice or otherwise.
It might feel that someone has taken your soul and walked over it. You feel numb, lost, and empty. Healing your soul from such traumas is not an easy process. It is not impossible but difficult. That tightness you feel right there in your chest, and you cannot feel your body due to numbness that has taken over. How traumas affect you physically has been always questioned and this is how we tend to feel once we are going through it. Processing and acknowledging painful emotions are a hell of a task. What I have experienced, some things helped me in becoming a little wiser lately.

Acknowledgement and acceptance of the emotions:
Once you are going through a trauma, be it any reason, it is equally painful like any other trauma, you have to acknowledge and accept that what actually happened to you has happened and it is painful. It is hurting. Do not deny, what happened. Say it loud. Scream your lungs out. Accepting and acknowledging what you have gone through is difficult but taking time out for this in a day would definitely help you realize what has happened.

Feel what you have experienced:
Recount your story. Clarify your sentiments over and over, or on the other hand expound on it. Allow everything out. Permit this energy space to exist outside of you. It’s the entirety “getting it out into the open” thought. What’s more, it assists you with grappling with it. Drowning is drowning, no matter you drown in sea or a pond, in both cases you will die. Same situation is with trauma. All traumas are equally painful, tragic for everyone. Never ever compare your pain or trauma’s intensity to others. Take a stab at taking part in care each day to relieve your spirit and give it that space to breathe to at last recuperate. Whatever you do, don’t curb your sentiments. Containing it can prompt a ricochet of feelings and injury not too far off. You merit better.

Acting upon:
Embrace forgiveness. Figure out how to relinquish any disdain. It’s just hurting you and keeping you down. Compose a letter to the individuals who may have helped you through this time and express gratitude towards them. Help another person battling as you used to. Activity takes different structures. Assume liability as far as it matters for you in the experience or circumstance that happened. Every circumstance is likewise altogether different. We as a whole, interact with our feelings in an unexpected way. Get on top of yourself and your feelings.

Reunification isn’t just about turning out to be essential for your life again and reappearing society. It’s tied in with turning into a better than ever version of you. It’s taking this previous injury and tolerating that it is important for your past. Everything, you can manage is to take something from it. What did you learn? Who were you then, at that point contrasted with who you are currently? In the future, what might you do in another way? Develop from your experience. Gain from it. Also, stroll through that entryway into another phase of your life. Become that new individual. You are solid, and you have endured. You endure. Offer your development. Permit others to gain from it also.

However, yes you will feel weak, you will fall down, you will feel like escaping, you will feel like nothing is working, despite you and your close ones are trying to take you up from what you have gone through. You will feel like leaving everyone around you and settling away from everyone. You feel helpless, no one will help you in this regard and understand your situation. Death will be viable option at that time to you. You will feel you are not enough but trust me the process is harder, results are soothing. You will feel like you have been on top again, you will feel confident. You will feel remarkable.

So, it is impossible to avoid traumas and there is not well settled or clear solution to come out of trauma. Things which work for one doesn’t mean it will work for you as well. But as long as we have faith and courage to fight, we can succeed and work it out.

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163 Replies to “A Splintered Mind”

  1. Wow that really gives me a proper understanding of traumas. It’s really helpful for many of us. The way you describe the symptoms of traumas and how one can deal with them is really amazing.
    May ALLAH gives you strength to fight every challenge of your life.
    Keep writing ♥️

  2. ???WELL SAID . Its.completely based on reality and here you have talked about expressing gratitude towards those who helped you in tough times so I would like to thank you first for always being there for me in my difficult time . you are great example of humanity.

  3. The big fact is, it’s difficult but not impossible to come out of a trauma. One should never give up on his/her life just because of a phase.

  4. You’ve described it so well with a different and needed perspective. ?
    People need to address it often and realise what’s happening in their lives. ?
    May you stay strong and have courage to deal with whatever goes in your life ❤ Ameen. ?

  5. Thisss is something beyond, expressed so eloquently and best. Lovely….????? Sometimes you can’t even share with anyone about your this kind of situation because you know that no one understands. That how much difficult to fight back, to act normal. So many thoughts at once, bleeding on others. We never become whole again, TRAUMA permanently changes us? All I can say, Just more power to you my girl♥️ I’m always with you and I love you so much♥️keep going?♥️

  6. I’m glad you wrote this! So proud of you for doing something great loujain. ? Lots of love your way! ♥️

  7. Beautifully written ?❤️
    So proud of you ❤️
    More power to you girl ?
    Lots of love and hugs on your way ?????❤️

  8. Very beautiful work inspiring like a heart outburst. A powerful source to help someone came out of his/her past. Passionate. one can live again for their loved ones.
    More power to you girl.

  9. The fact that someone might read it and it can help them in certain ways that can change their way of living further is just so huge and amazing❤️ I’m So proud that I don’t have enough words to tell you Louj❤️ Your are beyond amazing and super talented. You have my heart yk❤️❤️❤️

  10. OH MY GOD okay I’m not fond of reading at all but gurl it’s mind blowing. I’m gonna read it over and over. It’s a masterpiece ❤️

  11. Beautifully written and well expressed!! Here you gave proper explanation of trauma which is the bitter reality of our society. Keep writing and stay blessed. !!

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