Few months left to 2023. We are making it to 2023 with broken pieces of us which we are still picking and putting together. The things that are broken don’t need to become useless. It can be put together and things that are broken have a history of a damaged past. The broken things can be put together and it’s an art of recovering. When it’s fixed, it becomes beautiful and aesthetic. The art of mending broken things.
Why don’t we use the same concept when we look at ourselves or the people around us? Why do we throw or hide our emotions away when we are broken? Why cannot we, be more open about it and feel motivated, inspired, and stronger?

There would be times in your life when you would fall and will feel that life is leaving you broken. But no, it’s that how we get a hold of our life and how we reflect on it. How do we learn from it that can heal us more or break us apart? How do we get out of there or hide from it despite feeling broken? However, while keeping in mind the fact that not every hurt or damage is the same. There is a difference between something being cracked or something broken into a bigger piece or shattered like a small glass. The way it takes a hell of a time to focus on mending a broken object, the same goes for personal healings. It can be smooth, painful, and frustrating, also you can self-doubt yourselves a million times. Yes, same as many of you out there, I have been broken throughout my life too, early deaths of close ones, fall-outs, judgments, injuries, betrayal, misunderstandings, and unexpected moves, just to name a few. Those experiences had me struggle, stumble, and fall deep. Some had me doubt myself over and over again and others let me feel utterly broken, shattered.

But each time, in a different way, I somehow put myself together again. Sometimes faster, sometimes the process took longer (years). Some damages had me lose and doubt myself. Some damages left me overly cautious and reserved. Some damages let me change my outlook on life. Some damages inspired me to act. A crack is often easier to fix. A clearing conversation might be all that was needed. And even when something broke into bigger and larger pieces we might be able to put it back together easily, too. It can become almost like before. And if the bigger pieces don’t fit right now, but we think it’s worth keeping them? Sometimes fixing takes time. We need more time and space to reflect on what we have so that we can decide if we can and want to create something new.

Whether mended or discarded, do we allow ourselves to embrace that there is true beauty, honesty, and authenticity when something seems imperfect? Being imperfectly perfect, showing our scars, and our history is something that makes us unique. And who is to tell us what’s perfect and what’s not? It’s all in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?
But, no matter what, whether we feel that something cracked, broke, or scattered, in the end, it is up to each one of us. It’s our own choice if, and if yes in what way, we will use the broken pieces. There is a lot to look upon in the coming months and years. There were many things damaged, but many of them were to be grateful for.

44 Replies to “A notion of the crippling world”

  1. “Some damages had me lose and doubt myself. Some damages left me overly cautious and reserved. Some damages let me change my outlook on life. Some damages inspired me to act. A crack is often easier to fix.”
    Beautifully enclosed into words. I love the motivational tone ams reflection of hope!!

  2. I can deeply relate, one of the best blog ❤ These lines,”You can self-doubt yourselves a million times” I mean.. How it feels like, I can’t even express. And “being imperfectly perfect” This imperfection is infact the beauty of life.
    My brave girl, you’re good enough. Stay as strong as you’ve always been and keep going. Shabash👏

  3. You are the strongest girl with a wise mind and a beautiful perspective to see the world. This is so heartfelt as always❤️

  4. You are the strongest human being I have around and I am always with you like your support and strength 🤗❤

  5. I felt it🤍Nothing can keep you down my love. I’ve seen you accomplish so much against seemingly impossible odds. You have it in you to get through this and come out even stronger. Just feel sorry for anyone who underestimates your strength and abilities. You know I love you alot because you’re an incredible person. I’ve got your back no matter what❤

  6. I felt a lot of myself in it. But this is temporary, stay focused on tomorrow and keep moving forward🧡

  7. So beautiful. Putting yourself out there authentically is such an act of bravery, and I am glad that’s how you see bravery.

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